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– Faculty Affairs

Course Evaluation Results

Results are sent to each department point of contact and automated reports are sent directly to faculty. It is up to the department point of contact to send combined reports to individual faculty members. Reports are sent two weeks following the posting of grades. No one will receive them before the grading deadline. If after two weeks you have not received your results, please contact your departmental point of contact. Please do not contact our office for your results prior to these two weeks.

Please keep the results for your records! The Office for Faculty Affairs maintains electronic copies of these records as a courtesy. If a copy is needed, please contact your department point of contact and they can provide you with an extra copy, if you have lost the original one sent to you. However, it is your responsibility to maintain your own records.

Sample Course Evaluation Report

Accessing a copy of the results:

If you need your course evaluation results and cannot locate them:

  1.  Check with your department first. Contact your POC to see if they have the record you are looking for on file.
  2.  If your department does not have the records then contact the Office for Faculty Affairs.
    • Email:
    • Please provide the following information: Instructor Name, Course Name, CRN, and Semester the course was taught.
  3. Please note that it can take up to a week for our office to process your request.

Course Evaluation Results Website: 

All faculty who are not also active students at UIC will have the results of five of the six core questions posted on a password protected website. Only those with a UIC netid may access these results. The course evaluation results website may be found here:

For more information about the Six Core Questions, please download the course evaluation handbook located here:

Additional Requests:

If departments would like additional information, analysis, raw data, etc. please contact our office. We can provide you with further analysis of your department’s evaluations, upon request. Please provide at least one to two weeks’ notice to give our office enough time to process your requests.