Emeriti Faculty Discussion Group

Retirement has become an increasingly fluid experience over the past few decades, with many Emeriti Faculty still teaching the occasional course and/or continuing to use the resources of UIC in their research.  The UIC Administration felt that many Emeriti Faculty would welcome the opportunity to interact with their fellow Emeriti Faculty and with the UIC Administration beyond the annual Emeriti Reception. Starting fall semester 2016, Provost Susan Poser authorized a new discussion group for Emeriti Faculty that had its first meeting on September 19, 2016.  The group currently consists of approximately 84 Emeriti Faculty in the following areas: 26 faculty in the Health Sciences, 21 in the Sciences and Technology, 20 in the Social Sciences, 6 in the Humanities, 5 in Library Science.  4 in the Fine Arts, and 2 in the Performing Arts.  The group meets approximately every other month during fall and spring semesters and more frequently as needed if issues concerning Emeriti Faculty arise.  The Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, provides the UIC Emeriti Faculty Center on the second floor of the Richard J. Daley Library, Room 2-460 (801 S. Morgan St.), which includes a desktop and several laptop computers as well as two printers.  There are also comfortable chairs and a convenient space for relaxation and research.  Interested Emeriti should have their faculty i-cards coded for entry by completing the Emeriti Center Access Form or by contacting the staff in the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs (2731 University Hall, (312) 413-3470.)  One project in which members of the Emeriti Discussion Group are involved is the Provost’s Mid-Career Faculty Writing Program in which they volunteer to work with Associate Professors who request advice in becoming full professors in activities ranging from time management and the setting and meeting if deadlines all the way to detailed comments on drafts of their writing.

John Cullars
Associate Professor Emeritus
University Library
Emeritus Affiliate to Faculty Affairs

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