Faculty Hiring Toolkit


This toolkit contains information for hiring tenure system faculty and faculty administrators at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  It provides links to the relevant policies, procedures, forms, and documents for HR professionals in completing the required campus level approval process that is administered by the Office of Faculty Affairs.  Any questions regarding the information found in the toolkit may be directed to facultyaffairs@uic.edu.

Section I: Appointment Approval Requirements

  1. Hiring/Appointment Policies and Procedures
  2. Offer Letter Template
  3. General Terms of Employment
  4. Additional Policies and Forms as Applicable

Section II: Offer Process and Approval

  1. Online Offer Approval Workflow (HR College use only)

Section III: University of Illinois Board of Trustees (BOT) Guidelines

  1. Statutes and General Rules
  2. BOT Appointment Approval Guidelines

Section IV: Other Hiring Resources