2015 New Faculty Orientation

Faculty’s Role in Student Success

Renée Taylor, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Maria Varelas, Director, Center for the Advancement of Teaching-Learning Communities                    

Jane Marone, Co-Chair, Teaching Excellence Review Committee

The Role of the Library in Fostering Student Success

Paula Dempsey, Assistant Professor and Research Services and Resources Librarian

The Role of Technology in Supporting Student Success

Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, Chief Information Officer and ACCC Executive Director

Elizabeth Romero Fuerte, Director, ACCC – Instructional Technology Lab

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

Mentoring Lunch with Q&A

Honors College

Ralph Keen, Interim Dean

Diversity at UIC

Tyrone Forman, Vice Provost for Diversity and Associate Chancellor

Office for Access and Equity

Caryn Bills-Windt, Associate Chancellor and Director

Rebecca Gordon, Executive Associate Director

The Flipped Classroom at UIC                                                            

Mike Stieff, Associate Professor

Supporting Students in their Career Development

 Thy Nguyen, Director, Office of Career Services

Stephanie O’Leary, Academic Advisor and Program Specialist, Honors College

Roberta (Birdy) Paikoff-Holzmueller, Associate Professor, College of Medicine

Graduate College

Karen Colley, Dean

Teaching the Whole College Student                           

Kate Zinsser, Assistant Professor

Office of Facility and Space Planning

Haritha Siddabathuni, Assistant Director

Student Evaluation of Teaching Program at UIC

Kate Franck, Associate Director, Center for the Advancement of Teaching-Learning Communities