Guide to Policies and Procedures

Faculty Affairs Webguide

Faculty Affairs Policy Infrastructure: Development to Enactment


Section 1: Current Faculty

Campus Policy & Procedure / University StatuteProcess FlowRequired

Deadlines & Due Dates
Annual Evaluation of Faculty at UICFlowNot ApplicableSet by Faculty Units and Colleges
Teaching Evaluation of Faculty at UICFlowNot ApplicableCourse Evaluation Timeline
Appointing Named/Honorary Chairs and ProfessorsFlowTransmittal for Named Appointment FormRolling—Based on Packet Submission and Approval
Appointment of UIC Distinguished ProfessorsFlowNot ApplicableNot Applicable
Approved Tenure HoldFlowApproved Tenure Hold FormSubmit in the same Academic Year in which the Event Occurred
Automatic Tenure HoldFlowAutomatic Tenure Hold FormNo Later than 3 Months after the Birth of a Child
Child of Employee Tuition WaiverFlowUniversity of Illinois Waiver Forms

Other Illinois Senior Public University Forms

Submit before the Last Day of Instruction of Semester. *Rolling Dates*
College of Medicine “W Agreements”Flow“W” Agreement FormAt least 3 Weeks Prior to Start of “W Agreement”
Compensation for Services Beyond Full-timeFlowRequest Form: Compensation for Services Beyond Full-TimeAt least 3 Weeks Prior to Start of Service Date
Employee Tuition WaiverFlow

Academic Professional Waiver Forms

Civil Service Waiver Forms

Refer to Policy
Evaluation of Ability to WorkFlowRefer to policyNot Applicable
Faculty Grievance ProceduresFlowGrievance Complaint FormNot Applicable
Faculty Mentoring PolicyFlowNot ApplicableNot Applicable
Fitness for Duty EvaluationFlowRefer to PolicyNot Applicable
Instructional Faculty Qualifications (IFQ)N/AIFQ Form
(Certification, Procedures, Report)
IFQ Criteria & Evaluation for Instructional Faculty Form
IFQ Review – October – January

IFQ Certification – 2/28/19

IFQ Procedures – TBD

IFQ Tested Experience Annual Report – TBD
Leave: Educational FlowNot ApplicableAt least by First of the Final

Month Preceding the Leave
Leave: Personal, without payFlowNot ApplicableNot Applicable
Leave: Sabbatical FlowSabbatical Leave ApplicationProvost’s Memo
Mid-Probationary Review Policy

Mid Probationary Review Webpage

FlowExpected Reviews Form

Due 1st Monday in October

Due Last Friday in May

Mid-Probationary Review Page

Mid-Year Salary IncreaseFlowNot ApplicableNot Applicable
Modified Teaching DutiesFlowRefer to Departmental and College ProceduresSet by Faculty Departments and Colleges
Non-Tenure Track Bargaining Unit Reappointment Notification Process (Article IX, Section B-3)FlowTemplate Notification Letter June 1st

Template Notification Letter August 1st

June 1st

June 1st with Final Notification Deferred to August 1st

Promotion and Tenure: Tenure Track and Non-Tenure Track FacultyFlowExpected Cases Form

Dossier Forms


P&T Calendar of Dates and Deadlines
Sanctions other than Dismissal for CauseFlowRefer to policyNot Applicable
Summer Appointment GuidelinesFlowException Form
(Use *IE for E-Signature)

Exception Addendum
(Use *IE for E-Signature)
*Internet Explorer
2 Weeks Prior to Appointment Start Date
Tenure RollbackFlowTransmittal FormBy May 1st of the Fifth Year of the Probationary Period
Track Switch from Non-Tenure to Tenure Track (Treated as New Hire)N/A
Faculty Hiring Tookit
Faculty Hiring ToolkitSubject to Case by Case Assessment and Nature of Hire Contract
Track Switch from Tenure to Non-Tenure TrackFlowTransmittal FormBy Second Week in May of Fourth Probationary Year
Unit Executive Officer Fifth Year ReviewsFlowN/AN/A

Section 2: Current Faculty - Adding or Dropping an Administrative Role

Campus Policy & Procedure/University StatuteProcess FlowRequired
Forms & Letters
Deadlines & Due Dates
Administrative AppointmentFlowFaculty Hiring Toolkit

Administrative Appointment Job Description Template

Offer Letter Template

Unit Executive Officer Appointment (Head, Chair, Director, Associate/Assistant Dean)FlowFaculty Hiring Toolkit

Offer Letter Template

Submission Deadlines for Faculty Affairs

Section 3: Hiring New Faculty/Administrators or Rehiring Retired Faculty

Campus Policy & Procedure/University StatuteProcess
RequireForms & LettersDeadlines & Due Dates
Unit Level Tenure-System Offer Process

Unit Level Non-Tenure System Offer Process





Employment of Non-Native English Speaking Faculty MembersFlowCertification of Oral English Proficiency FormSubmit with Faculty Hire Documents and Process
Faculty Hire: Hourly AppointmentsFlowFaculty Hire StandardN/A
Faculty Hire: Non-Tenure Track – Clinical, Research, Instructors, Lecturers, AdjunctsFlowN/A


Faculty Hire: Q-Appointment Policy I 

Faculty Hire: Q-Appointment Policy II

FlowFaculty Hiring Toolkit

Offer Letter Template

Submission Deadlines for Faculty Affairs
Faculty Hire: Tenure Track Assistant ProfessorFlowFaculty Hiring Toolkit

Offer Letter Template

Submission Deadlines for Faculty Affairs
Faculty Hire: Tenured Associate or Full ProfessorFlowFaculty Hiring Toolkit

Offer Letter Template

Submission Deadlines for Faculty Affairs
Faculty Search or Waiver ProcessFlowForm Matrix (pg. 4)Rolling
Moving ExpensesN/ANot Applicable

Not Applicable

Multi-Year Contracts for Non-Tenured FacultyFlowTemplate Letter
Special Written Agreement to Accept Terms of a MYC
By July 1 of the Academic Year into which the Faculty will be Hired
Named/Honorary Chairs and Professors AppointmentFlowTransmittal for Named Appointment FormRolling
Partner Accommodation ProgramFlowTransmittal for RequestNot Applicable
Rehiring Retired Faculty

Addendum on Rehiring Retired Faculty

FlowProposal for Re-Employment of a
U of I RetireeRequest Form: Retiree Courtesy Appointment
Three Weeks in Advance to the Start of Appointment

*Dead Line-Under Review*

Tenure Code Provision with Initial Partial Term AppointmentFlowService Toward Completion of the Probationary PeriodRequest must be made at the time of the initial Appointment.
See Policy for Details
Under-Represented Faculty Recruitment ProgramFlowNot ApplicableNot Applicable

Section 4: Exiting Faculty

Campus Policy & Procedure/University StatuteProcess
Forms & Letters
Deadlines & Due Dates
Dismissal of Non-Tenured Faculty with Multi-Year
FlowTemplate & Sample LettersNot Applicable
Emeritus RequestsFlowEmeritus/Emerita Status Request FormRolling
Exempt Leave ReportFlowLeave Report FormNot Applicable
Faculty Exit Interviews and SurveysFlowRolling
Family and Medical (FMLA) LeavesFlowFMLA LeavesAt least 30 calendar-days
before date of leave. If not foreseeable 30 days in advance, provide verbal notice within two working days of learning of the need for leave

Non-Reappointment of Non-Tenured or Probationary
Faculty Contract




Not Applicable

Get 2x year from HR

Newsflash Link to HR Deadline or Update it Once Received – BOT sets this Annually (mid- late Jan and mid-late June)
Separating Faculty Eligible for SURS or Compensable
FlowExit ChecklistSee Policy
Separating Faculty Ineligible for SURS or Compensable
FlowExit ChecklistSee Policy
Separation Agreement for Tenured Faculty and
FlowNot ApplicableNo Later than 12 Months from

Effective Date of Agreement
SURS Disability LeaveFlowNot ApplicableNot Applicable

Section 5: Additional Resources

Campus Policy & Procedure/University StatuteProcess FlowRequired Forms & Letters
General Terms of Employment for Academic Staff
Hiring an Undergraduate StudentFlowStudent Employment Forms
Hiring a Graduate HourlyTemplate for Assistantship Letter of Offer /
Notices of Appointment
Minima for Graduate Appointments
Hiring a Graduate Student (Research, Teaching, or
Graduate Assistant)
FlowTemplate for Assistantship Letter of Offer /
Notices of Appointment
Minima for Graduate Appointments
Leaves (Sick, Vacation, etc.) for Civil Service and Academic ProfessionalsAnnual Vacation and Sick Leave Reporting Form
Office for Access and Equity
Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs
Office of University Payroll
Return to Work Limitations for SURS Annuitants
State University Retirement System (SURS)
Temporary Guidelines Regarding Appointments Requiring Direct Approval (proposed 05/13/15)
UIC Human Resources (Civil Service, Academic Professional and Graduate Assistants)
University of Illinois – Board of Trustees (BOT) Statutes, General Rules, and Bylaws