Emeriti Faculty

This page is dedicated to UIC Emeriti Faculty, and is a central resource for all emeriti related information and activities at UIC.

At UIC, the Emeriti designation is regarded as an extraordinary title which is given for extraordinary reasons. Accordingly, emeriti status is bestowed only on those individuals who have contributed measurably to UIC. The granting of emeritus/emerita status at UIC to retiring faculty is based solely on merit. (Policy on Emeriti Appointments)

UIC has honored approximately 650+ faculty members with the Emeritus/Emerita title since 1990. The Emeriti Faculty have made exceptional contributions the University. Many of them continue to engage in teaching our students and mentoring junior and mid-career faculty members, involving them in their laboratories as well as in scholarly accomplishments including conference presentation, publications and grant funding contributing to the Research I status of the University. Recently an Emeriti Discussion Group was authorized by the Provost for Emeriti Faculty to better interact with one another and with the university administration. We continue to recognize the extraordinary contributions that the Emeriti Faculty members have made and their everlasting service to UIC.

UIC Emeriti Faculty Center

The UIC Emeriti Faculty Center in the Richard J. Daley Library will close as of July 1, 2019.

Faculty Affairs and the Library established the center in 2010 to provide computers, printers and space for faculty to meet students and colleagues.  According to a survey conducted early in 2019, the center has been underutilized, and most faculty reported that they did not need or want to use this space.  Since the Library is in urgent need of more space for services to students and faculty, we have made the decision to close the current center, repurposing the space to support a new Digital Scholarship initiative.  Since there is some use, we will renovate another smaller space in the Daley Library for Emeriti faculty that will be opened in 2020.

After July 1, Emeriti faculty are welcome to use public computers and printers (each faculty member has a $15 per semester printing allowance from campus).  Library Administrative Office staff can assist in finding small group meeting rooms. Please contact facultyaffairs@uic.edu with any questions or concerns.

Mary Case, University Librarian and Dean of Libraries

Nancy Freitag, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

John Cullars, Emeritus Affiliate to Faculty Affairs