Mid-Probationary Review

The Mid-Probationary Review serves to provide an assessment to tenure-track faculty members of their progress toward tenure at the mid-point of their probationary period. The review is mandatory as part of the larger promotion and tenure process. It is conducted at a date late enough to permit reasonable review of a faculty members’ progress toward tenure since the initial appointment, and early enough to give useful guidance to him or her in preparing for any subsequent review. Please review the information below for current academic year’s Mid-Probationary Review Cycle.

  • Mid-Probationary Review Policy
  • Memo on Mid-Probationary Reviews for the upcoming academic year from the Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs to College Deans. (available soon)
  • Expected Mid-Probationary Reviews Forms (college/unit use only) are due on Monday, October 4, 2021.
    • Submit/upload the form into blackboard in the Mid-Probationary Review course page.
  • Mid-Probationary Reviews for all Tenure Track Faculty are due on Friday, May 20, 2022.
    • A PDF, of the original review, signed by the Faculty Member, Unit Executive Officer, and College Dean should be uploaded into blackboard in the Mid-Probationary Review course page.
  • Original signed copies/PDFs should stay on file with the college. Hard copies should NOT be sent to Faculty Affairs.
  • Questions about Mid-Probationary Reviews should be directed to uicpt@uic.edu.