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External Awards

UIC aspires to be the nation’s premier urban public research university and one of the indicators for membership in the Association of American Universities (AAU) is membership in national academies.

Below is a list of UIC faculty elected to national and other honorific academies and prestigious fellowships and awards. Part of the effort of this committee is to identify current faculty members who have received fellowships and awards. If you have recently received an award or if your name is missing from these lists, you may submit the information to us using the form at the bottom of this page.

If you have a won a national award and would like to be included on this page, please contact

External Awards Recipients Heading link

External Awards Review Heading link

To be included in this program:

  • Awards must have been received while the recipient was/is a member of the UIC Faculty.
  • Awards should have been received between 08/01/2022 and 07/31/2023 to be recognized at the Faculty Awards Ceremony & Reception.

Examples of nominations recognized:

  • Fellow, National Society, Foreign Academies
  • Important National Committee
  • AIA Award
  • 1-Year Fellowship (prestigious)
  • Hall of Fame (e.g., Reading Hall of Fame)
  • Major National Award
  • Major Local Award
  • NSF Career
  • DOE Early Career
  • President of National Society
  • Outstanding Book Award
  • National Award Named for Faculty Member
  • Distinguished Lecture Award
  • NIH Merit Award
  • Honorary Degree Doctorate (or equivalent)

Examples of nominations not recognized:

  • 1-Year Fellowship (not prestigious)
  • Distinguished Alumnus
  • Editor of Journal
  • Editorial Board/Associate Editor
  • Foundation Funding
  • Grants
  • Invited or Visiting Professorship
  • Paper of the Year Award
  • Top Doctor
  • UIC internal awards
  • Vice President, etc., of National Society
  • Who’s Who
  • Any awards or recognitions that you pay to be a part of