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Senior Rank Promotions

General Information on Instructor and Lecturer Promotions: Heading link

  • Required Senior Rank Promotion (SRP) materials due via P&T/SRP Box Folder:
  • Questions about Senior Rank Promotions should be sent to

The Non-Tenure Track system agreement between the University and UIC United Faculty Local 6456, IFT-AFT, AAUP establish senior rank titles for lecturers and instructors.

Article IX.C.1 – Promotion: Procedures for promotion of Non-Tenure Track bargaining unit faculty within the ranks identified in University of Illinois Statutes (as such Statutes may be amended from time to time) shall be as provided in the bylaws of the bargaining unit member’s academic unit. By the conclusion of the 2014-15 academic year, procedures for promotion of Non-Tenure Track bargaining unit faculty in Lecturer and Instructor positions to a senior-rank title (e.g. Senior Lecturer, Senior Instructor) shall be developed by Colleges, Units, and the Campus, in order to be implemented for the 2015-16 academic year. Such procedures shall be reflected in the bylaws of the respective academic units.

Units and Colleges that utilize the titles of lecturer and/or instructor and senior lecturer and/or instructor, must also establish norms and criteria for these titles that are specific to their units. The format and content of the supporting documentation should be determined at the discretion of the college and department. At a minimum, the supporting documentation should demonstrate that the established norms and criteria have been met by the candidate. In proposing and reviewing the criteria for appointment or promotion for non-visiting lecturers and instructors to a senior rank title, special consideration shall be given to teaching ability and performance.

The procedures, criteria, and documentation should be reviewed and, if appropriate, updated annually consistent with any changes in curriculum and teaching-related objectives within departments. College and Departmental bylaws should be updated to refer to the establishment of these procedures and norms for senior-rank titles for lecturers and/or instructors. Updated documents specifying any changes to the bylaws and/or other documents reflecting norms, criteria and procedures associated with appointments to lecturer and instructor titles must be submitted to the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs on or before the campus deadline by which all other norms and criteria documentation for other types of faculty promotions are due each year. This deadline is updated annually and is available on the “Promotion and Tenure Calendar of Dates and Deadlines”. A copy of updated unit and/or college bylaws along with norms and criteria for appointments to senior-rank lecturer and instructor titles must be received in the Office of Faculty Affairs no later than the deadline.

Deans should notify in writing the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost (via the Office of Faculty Affairs) of any lecturers and instructors that have been endorsed by the College for a senior rank title by the deadline upon which the Deans are to submit all other promotional candidates to campus.

Review materials for appointment or promotion to a senior rank title are to be retained at the college and departmental levels, as the final disposition is made at the college level. Units are responsible for submitting salary adjustments and for initiating multi-year re-appointments in accordance with all other campus policies and procedures as well as any applicable collective bargaining agreements.